Some of our upcoming course topics

Opening Schools to STEM Careers - September 2017

The "Opening Schools to STEM Careers" MOOC is meant to train and empower Heads of Schools and Career Counsellors in successfully equipping (and adapting) schools with tools for introducing and attracting young people to choose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. 

Our Fragile Planet - October 2017

‘Our Fragile Planet' MOOC will take participants through basic notions of our Planet Earth like its structure and atmosphere and then will delve into issues concerning climate change, carbon footprint and raising awareness to our Earth's fragility. In this MOOC you will learn how to build inquiry-based activities for your students that focus on topics such as climate change and our Earth. You will be able to guide your students through scientific inquiry by using space and astronomy topics related to Earth and help them develop critical thinking skills and raise their engagement towards space sciences.

Progressing Technology-Enhanced Teaching -  Nov 2017

The MENTEP project developed a new online tool for teachers to self-assess their digital competence in teaching. During this MOOC, course participants will have the opportunity to use this new tool. The tool provides participants with feedback and resources that help them to improve their own digital competence in teaching. Moreover, course participants will be invited to describe own examples from their teaching to illustrate the 5 different levels (from beginner to expert) of the tool. After the course, a selection of these examples will be linked directly to the tool, making it even more relevant for teachers. 




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