Please note that this course has concluded. A blackout period is currently in motion, during which the course's content is unavailable. All your work on the course is saved and will become accessible again on 19th December 2017, as will the rest of the course materials and discussions.


The MENTEP project developed TET-SAT, a new online tool for teachers to self-assess their technology-enhanced teaching, thanks to the participation of more than 7000 teachers from 10 countries to the project. Would you like to be among the first teachers in Europe to try out this new tool – and actively contribute to improving it? This MOOC offers the possibility to test the new tool and to take advantage of concrete guidance and the possibility of exchanging teaching ideas and examples online with other teachers across Europe.

If you want to know more about TET-SAT, watch this short video here.

What the course offers: 

  • As a first step, the TET-SAT tool will provide you with feedback and resources that can help you improve your own technology-enhanced teaching. 
  • As a second step, you are invited to describe examples from your own teaching to illustrate the 5 competence levels of the tool, from beginner to expert. On that basis, you can converse with other teachers about concrete teaching examples using digital tools.

After the course, a selection of teaching examples will be linked to TET-SAT, to make it even more relevant for teachers in Europe. 

You will:

  • Be among the first teachers in Europe to try out a brand new online tool for teachers to self-assess their technology-enhanced teaching 
  • Actively contribute to improving TET-SAT
  • Receive advice from experts who were involved in developing TET-SAT and peers, as well as concrete suggestions on how to improve your own Technology-Enhanced Teaching
  • Gain access to videos of inspiring practice and other support materials
  • Converse with other MENTEP teachers across Europe about concrete teaching examples using digital tools 
  • Discuss, share and reflect on technology-enhanced teaching
  • Use a variety of online tools and social media to communicate and engage in some peer-review activities

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List of modules

Course Introduction
Module 1: Identifying competency examples for the TET-SAT tool
Module 2: Developing your self-assessment in TET-SAT
Module 3: Peer review to develop TET-SAT
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Start date

Monday, 13th November 2017


The course will run for 4.5 weeks, with a total number of 3 modules (one module per week) and 1.5 extra-grace weeks at the end of the course. The workload estimated is 3-4 hours per week.

Target audience

The course is targeted at primary and secondary school teachers, and teacher trainers from Europe and beyond. Head teachers and other stakeholders may also benefit from the course, however, so all interested parties are welcome to join.


You will receive digital module badges for every completed module of the course as well as a course badge and a course certificate upon completion of the full course. All badges can be exported to the Mozilla Badge Backpack.