Some of our upcoming course topics

Navigation Through the Ages - February 2017

Since early times, the observation of the sky has been a key cultural element and has played an important role in the way we live. In The Navigation Through the Ages MOOC, we will explore the rich history of navigation, and journey together from ancient Greece, the fifteenth century European explorers and their missions of global discovery, to the importance of Europe's Galileo programme for the current needs of citizens (mobile devices, increased mobility, safety and security etc.)

Introducing Technology-Enhanced Teaching 2.0 - October 2017

The Introducing Technology-Enhanced Teaching 2.0 course will take place in October 2017 and focuses on engaging teachers in an active exchange on what skills and competences a digitally competent teacher needs to have in today's world. This guided exchange will be based on a new self-assessment tool for teachers that is currently being developed within the MENTEP project. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn more about how to self-assess and develop their own competences and get inspiration from concrete examples of ICT supported teaching activities from other teachers. The course continues the journey started during last years' Introducing Technology-Enhanced Teaching course.

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