Some of our upcoming course topics

Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills (2nd edition) - January 2018

This course brings ICT together administrators to hear about current practices and new developments, to learn from each other and to reflect on their work through a mix of over 20 specially commissioned video case studies produced by practitioners, live webinars with expert input, and stimulating, enjoyable and relevant activities and discussions.

The course aims to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in six key topic areas: Optimising the school networkWireless networking and Bring Your Own DeviceCloud models and servicesSecuring networks and digital safetyNew tools and services (including technology for special needs), and Professional skills and tips, including producing a school ICT development plan.

Online Safety - February 2018

The Online Safety MOOC is part of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) project, delivered in partnership with the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres with funding provided by the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The course aims to empower primary and secondary teachers and give them a better understanding of the opportunities, risks and challenges presented to children and young people, and their parents and teachers, in the online world of the 21st century. Teachers will learn about a variety of topics such as media literacy, cyberbullying, online relationships, sexting, online hate speech and radicalisation, and will be provided with high-quality resources to address these issues. On this course, teachers will receive advice from experts and peers, as well as concrete suggestions about who to turn to when encountering an issue online and how to report a problem (to helplines and/or support services, as well as some of the main social networking sites). The MOOC will employ a variety of hands-on activities and will provide access to a range of support materials, while also encouraging participants to share their own best practice.

Inquiry-Based Teaching in Life Sciences - March 2018

The Inquiry-Based Teaching in Life Sciences MOOC is meant to enhance life sciences teachers' pedagogical competencies and practices, and improve their conceptual understanding of life science to help them further establish and disseminate IBSE. The MOOC will offer a selection of tested classroom activities and resources from ten European countries to empower life science teachers (12-19 year old students) in introducing IBSE methodologies in the classroom and help them reflect on their own practices. In this MOOC, participants will experience Inquiry as an adult learner, acquire the skills and confidence to implement Inquiry-Based Teaching in the classroom, learn how to reflect on their own teaching practice, enhance their personal and their students' conceptual understanding of life sciences, and explore various formal and informal assessment approaches for IBSE.


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