Some of our upcoming course topics

Opening Minds to STEM Careers (Rerun) - April 2018

Demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professionals and associated professionals is expected to grow by around eight percent between now and 2025. This means that Europe needs more young people to pursue STEM subjects and careers to become part of a much needed qualified workforce in the coming years. In the Opening Minds to STEM Careers MOOC, we will explore different ideas and we will introduce a number of tools to help you be an active actor in STEM career guidance processes.

Promoting Technology-Enhanced Teaching - April 2018

Join our upcoming MOOC Promoting Technology-Enhanced Teaching on 23 April to 23 May 2018. The course will provide policymakers/shapers, school heads and teachers with the opportunity to learn more about the self-assessment TET-SAT tool. Moreover, it will specifically address the MENTEP policy experiment and results, detailing the whole process. Stay tuned for more information.

Europeana DSI3 - April 2018

The Europeana DSI3 MOOC is meant to enhance teachers' cultural competence and practices, improving their understanding of Cultural Heritage in order to more efficiently integrate cultural heritage into their lessons and practices, regardless of the subject they usually teach. 

The MOOC will serve to introduce participants to the Europeana portal, where they will find different resources for educators such as pictures, videos, texts and various tools that they can easily integrate in their lessons. Moreover, the MOOC will serve to help teachers to build learning scenarios using digital cultural heritage, in a framework of 21st-century skills. 


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