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Peer Review activities: I accidentally sent an empty box in step 1! What shall I do?

Formulation of the question

Help! I accidentally forgot to paste the link to my work on the text box in the first step of the peer review activity and I sent an empty text box/ I pasted the wrong link and I need to update it but I cannot access the text box any more! What happens now?


Unfortunately once you have handed in your task in the first step of the peer review activity, it is no longer possible to correct your work. It can happen that you accidentally hand in the task on the course interface having forgotten to paste your content. In this case, please follow the process:

1. Go to the course forum and leave a message explaining your situation and provide your link or your contact details so your reviewer can find you.

2.The same goes for Twitter using the course hashtag and the course Facebook group. This way you maximise your chances that your reviewer will see your message.

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