Please note that this course has concluded, although its content remains available for perusal. You can access the modules by enrolling in the course and clicking the "Modules" tab above; however, it is no longer possible to receive the course badge, the module badges, or the course certificate. Finally, please note that support for this course is no longer provided by the course instructors or the EUN Academy team.


The specific learning objectives of the ITELab student teacher MOOC are to:

  • Introduce and share innovative and practical ideas in the field of Active Learning, developing practical competences in pedagogical ICT;
  • Create an attitude of innovation and experimentation, using a range of tools and apps for ‘take-away’ and use the next day;
  • Promote a sense of digital judgment, integrate research findings into classroom practice.

On this course, you will develop practical competences and network with fellow student teachers from across Europe to share ideas.

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The course is part of the ITELab project [] which aims to gather data on the effectiveness of face-to-face and online courses on future teachers’ pedagogical and digital competences.

Therefore, at the beginning and end of the course, two online questionnaires designed by the project evaluators at the University of Würzburg ask participants for their views on the MOOC and collect some basic data about them (for example, age and gender).

By registering for this course, participants agree to take part in this research.

The questionnaires are entirely anonymous and your data will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with European Commission privacy directives. Data will only be viewed by personnel working on this project at the University of Würzburg and European Schoolnet. It will not be forwarded to third parties, and will be used solely for research and evaluation purposes, as part of the ITELab project.

If you have questions regarding the project evaluation, please contact



ITELab (, the project this MOOC is part of, is funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme under the grant agreement no. 2016-3638/001-001

List of modules

Course Introduction Start date
19 Feb 14:03
End date
29 Mar 00:59
Unit 1: Entering the Job Unit 1: Entering the Job Start date
26 Feb 09:40
End date
29 Mar 00:59
Unit 2: Unlock the Classroom Unit 2: Unlock the Classroom Start date
05 Mar 10:00
End date
29 Mar 00:59
Unit 3: The Second Staffroom Unit 3: The Second Staffroom Start date
12 Mar 10:00
End date
29 Mar 00:59
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Start date

26th February 2018


The course will start on 26th February and will go on for 4,5 weeks (1 week = 1 unit, followed by 1,5 week grace period). The course introduction opens at the start of February. The duration of each module is estimated at 2,5 hours - more if you want to explore.

Target audience

The course is targeted at pre-service teachers (i.e. student teachers) at the primary and secondary level, coming from our ITELab partner and associate partner universities across Europe. The MOOC is in English.


You will receive digital module badges for every completed module of the course as well as a course badge and a course certificate upon completion of the full course. All badges can be exported to the Mozilla Badge Backpack.