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The Future Classroom Scenarios course aims to introduce teachers, headteachers and ICT coordinators in schools to concepts, tools, and exchanges about the future classroom. The course is designed in response to the increasing challenges faced by educators around the world to accommodate the rising importance of technology in education and the impact this has on teaching and learning.

The course covers six modules which introduce you to key concepts like 21st century skills and allow you to exchange with your peers about your own experiences of trying out new activities and technologies in the classroom. During the course we will also reflect and discuss the role of technology tools in the future classroom and your current teaching and learning environments. A number of tools are introduced which help the process of innovation in the school and classroom but are equally useful for your everyday teaching practices.

The course is run by teachers for teachers and most of the learning will happen collaboratively so you will be asked to actively participate and share your thoughts and ideas with the other course members. We will be using a variety of tools that allow a collaborative learning process.

You will also be asked to test some of the ideas and activities presented on the course in your classrooms, providing feedback about successes and challenges and helping each other in evaluating your ideas and activities.

At the end of the course you will receive an electronic certificate of participation.

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The ‘Future Classroom Scenarios’ course is based on the work conducted within the EC-funded iTEC project (Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom) and developed by the pedagogical experts involved in the creation of iTEC Learning Activities and Toolkits. The course and the related materials reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

List of modules

Course Introduction Start date
27/06/14 01:01
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 1: What does the future classroom look like? Start date
27/07/14 01:01
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 2: Your future classroom – towards a realistic vision Start date
03/08/14 00:59
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 3: From vision to reality – technology in your future classroom Start date
10/08/14 00:59
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 4: Learning activities for 21st century skills Start date
17/08/14 00:59
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 5: From Learning Activities to Learning Stories Start date
24/08/14 00:59
End date
01/10/23 00:59
Module 6: Have you seen the future classroom yet? Start date
31/08/14 00:59
End date
01/10/23 00:59
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Target audience

Anybody is welcome to join the course but it is targeted at classroom practitioners and other educational professionals working in schools who are interested in innovation in teaching & learning.


The course runs for six weeks and requires about 2-3 hours of work per week

Start date

Monday, 28th July 2014


You will receive digital badges for each module you complete as well as a digital course badge and a digital certificate if you complete the entire course. The badges are compatible with Mozilla's Open Badges ( and can be exported into the Mozilla Badge Backpack