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How can I exchange with participants and instructors on the course?

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How can I exchange with participants and instructors on the course?


There are a range of methods how you can exchange with your peers and the instructors so choose the way that suits you best.

Padlets below the videos: You can respond to questions linked to the videos and share your thoughts more generally about the videos with your peers directly below each video in the designated Padlet. This is similar to a notice board in a workshop where everyone posts their thoughts on a small post-it. Make sure to use it in such a way. For example, this is not the best place to post a question for the instructors as it is more difficult to post a direct response.

Social Media: You can share any specific or general thoughts or questions via social media. We directly work with Facebook and Twitter so we monitor both the course Facebook group as well as the Twitter hashtag associated with the course. Instructors will try to respond to any questions as soon as possible but we encourage all participants to help each other so if you know the answer to a question, please do not hesitate to post it. Social media is a good place to engage your peers in a discussion and share resources. Please also feel free to create your own social media environements (for example a Facebook group for teachers of a certain country following the course).

Forum: There is also a course forum that you can use to discuss and ask questions. Please make sure to use the relevant forum category. There are separate forum categories for each module and more general ones for recommendations and technical issues. If none of the categories are relevant for your post, you can also start an entirely new thread on the main page of the forum, just be aware that we might move this thread in order to keep the forum organized.

The forum is also a great place to engage in a discussion with peers and to ask questions to the instructors.

Please try to always check the FAQ section before posting any general or technical questions.

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