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Peer Review activities: Help! I received an empty box without content to review!

Formulation of the question

I enter the Peer Review activity and click on the (+) button to see what my colleague has submitted as their task, but there is nothing there! All I see is an empty space! What should I do?


Please take your time to search the name of your colleague on the course forum, the course Facebook group and on Twitter. It is possible that they have left a message with their correct tasks/ files/ links. If you do discover such a message, then go ahead with your review as you would normally do so. If you are not too close too the deadline, please leave a message your self that you are looking for this person. They may have not even realized they made a mistake! If you cannot afford to wait for a sign of contact because the deadline is too close, then please write on the review box that the content (Lesson Plan or other contribution) was missing.

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