Welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy

Hi and welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy.

The Academy is a platform where you can learn about innovation in the school and classroom through online professional development courses for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The courses offered on this platform are completely free of charge. They will offer you an introduction to key concepts and ideas that are relevant to developing your practice and will provide you with the opportunity to discuss these ideas and share your experiences with your peers. We hope that by attending these courses and by engaging with your peers you will feel empowered and inspired to try out something new in your practice.

The Academy is very much an experiment and we rely on your participation and feedback to make this project a success. So please use this opportunity, learn and connect with your peers and let us know what you think.

We look forward to seeing you on one of the courses! Happy learning...

Available Courses

How to teach computing

Join on us on this MOOC to learn about how to teach computing. No matter what subject you teach, computing is increasingly relevant in all areas of life so we need to know how to integrate it into our teaching.

The course will introduce key computing concepts, resources and tools relevant to teaching at secondary level across subjects. The course will have a very practical focus, exploring specific activities to run in the classroom.

The course starts on 3rd November so enrol now. Stay tuned for further updates via the Facebook group or Twitter. #CScourse

Games in Schools

Join us in this exciting MOOC for teachers exploring the potential of games-based learning in schools. The course will examine the opportunities but also challenges offered by integrating games into our teaching and learning and will provide practical examples of gaming tools and activities to use in your daily teaching practice.

We will be learning through a mix of video, interactive activities and discussions as well as sharing of resources.

The course starts on 27th October so enrol now. Stay tuned for further updates via the Facebook group or Twitter. #gamescourse

Competences for 21st Century Schools

This course is intended for teachers and other educational professionals interested in competence-based education. The course aims to provide you with a thorough introduction to the topic, as well as make you aware of the issues and challenges related to making competence-based education a reality in the classroom.

Furthermore, teachers will be given concrete tips on how to implement project-based learning, a particularly suitable method for delivering competence-based education, as well as on how to assess this type of learning.