Welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy

Hi and welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy.

The Academy is a platform where you can learn about innovation in the school and classroom through online professional development courses for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The courses offered on this platform are completely free of charge. They will offer you an introduction to key concepts and ideas that are relevant to developing your practice and will provide you with the opportunity to discuss these ideas and share your experiences with your peers. We hope that by attending these courses and by engaging with your peers you will feel empowered and inspired to try out something new in your practice.

The Academy is very much an experiment and we rely on your participation and feedback to make this project a success. So please use this opportunity, learn and connect with your peers and let us know what you think.

We look forward to seeing you on one of the courses! Happy learning...

Upcoming Online Courses

Future Classroom Scenarios

Are you interested in the future classroom and would like to explore and discuss with peers how to achieve a new vision for teaching and learning?

The Future Classroom Scenarios course will explore concepts and tools centred around innovation in teaching and learning. We will look at why innovation is important, how we can create our own vision and realistic scenarios as well as try out some of the technology tools that can support us in this process.

Join us on this course, starting on 24 March, to share your vision and ideas how to make your future classroom a reality.

Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM Teaching

Would you like to engage your students better in STEM subjects and to increase their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers?

In this course, starting on 17 March, you will explore innovative teaching practices, learn how to access educational STEM resources from around Europe, discover remote and virtual labs as innovative teaching tools in the STEM classroom and take part in virtual visits to research centres.

The course will also explore the reality of the gender issue related to STEM careers and offer guidance and advice on career counseling.

Courses in the Future Classroom Lab

European Schoolnet also offers a variety of face to face training courses in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. You can find more information about these courses and the Future Classroom Lab on the Future Classroom Lab website.

We will also be adding further courses to the European Schoolnet Academy throughout the next year so please come back soon for upcoming announcements.

If you are an organisation interested in hosting courses for teachers on the Academy please contact us at academy@eun.org.