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Peer-learning Community on Women Entrepreneurship


Welcome to the online community space for Peer-learning on Women Entrepreneurship

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About This Community

As part of this project, 3 peer-learning workshops will be organised to combine and leverage the expertise and experiences of movers and shakers in women’s entrepreneurship from 38 countries of COSME programme between 2019 and 2021.

The main objective of the workshops and community actions is to contribute to the design and implementation of the new European and national strategies for the support of women’s Entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond, and the online community serves as a one stop-shop allowing participants to interact with each other, provides access to all materials related to the workshops and serves as a platform for further discussions and elaboration on solutions identified during the workshop.

This community will facilitate the interaction and discussion between participants at the third workshop, which is to take place online on 9 March 2021. It will build on the outcomes of the collaboration from the first two workshops by facilitating more focused discussions on issues, identified as more important by the participants from past workshops.


You need to register to join the online community. As a registered participant, you will also be able to read more documents and announcements regarding the workshop. Please make sure you regularly check for any updates. You can use the navigation bar where you will find all relevant sections to visit.

Collaborative activities

We will be publishing short collaborative activities under the section ‘Course’ in order to keep you up to speed with the topics that we will tackle during the online workshop.

Introduce yourself in the Social Cafe

This online community is meant to give you opportunities to exchange ideas and experience with other movers and shakers in women’s entrepreneurship and to find new professional contacts. Therefore, we invite you to introduce yourself in the Social Café section and get to know the other participants and the project consortium staff.

Market Place

Share ideas or projects you are already working on and find new projects to scale them up or give them an extra boost in the Market Place. Just double click on the digital board and start writing!

Live Sessions

Don’t miss the live sessions (1-hour) that we are organising to focus discussions on specific topics


The online community will be open on 15 February 2021


Tomislava Recheva

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