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Learning Leadership for Change


Welcome to the MOOC Learning Leadership for Change: Shared Leadership in Your School

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Research evidence shows that if leadership is based on a vision that can be shared by all staff, parents and stakeholders, it also plays a crucial role for school development and innovation. Therefore, we no longer believe that a school principal or a small group of formal school leaders can serve as the instructional leaders, nor carry the burden for an entire school community. Improving students’ learning is not possible without the interaction of teachers, parents, and pupils. Successful, engaging and empowering school leadership, which motivates and includes formal and non-formal leaders is key to bringing the change we want to see in our school.

The Learning Leadership for Change: Shared Leadership in Your School course aims to foster school leadership and effective networking. The course will provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge on the multiple aspects of shared leadership, in theory, and bring it to action, while at the same time learning from other schools practices on the topic and exchange good practices with others.

During the course, we will be reflecting, discussing and sharing on the topics above. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to find a community of like-minded professionals who can support each other in improving their classroom practices. We will be using a variety of online tools and social media outlets to communicate with each other and to engage in a number of peer review activities, as part of the course.

Join us in the Facebook group or share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #L2CMOOC.


  • What are the building blocks of Shared Leadership in L2C- school vision, evidence, goals and the school’s theory of change? Why they are essential when adopting a shared leadership approach in your school?
  • Understand what is Shared/distributed leadership approach in schools and why it is important for the school development process
  • Learn how a school vision, evidence gathering and collaboration contribute to school change
  • Learn what is the role of sharing leaders and teacher leaders
  • Learn how to draft an action plan incorporating shared leadership approach in your school


This course will be open to anyone who is willing to take it, but the main target audience are primary and secondary school teachers, teacher leaders and school formal leaders that who would like to learn more about effective leadership practices, mainly shared leadership. Formal and non formal school leaders and also administrative staff is also welcome to join the course.


  • Module 1: Shared Leadership - What Is It All About? - opens on 03/02/2020
  • Module 2: Shared Leadership in a School Context - opens on 10/02/2020
  • Module 3: Teacher Leaders and Sharing Leaders - opens on 17/02/2020
  • Module 4: Our Shared Leadership Action Plan - opens on 24/02/2020


In order to earn a course certificate, course participants need to pass at least 1 quiz, submit an action plan and review 3 action plans of other participants. The final deadline to complete all activities is 11 March 2020, 23:59 CET. In order to receive the certificate, the participation in the quizzes will be counted for 15% (each quiz 5%) and the action plan together with the peer reviews, will count for 85% and the overall passing grade is 90%.

Note to teachers from Portugal: You can get your successful participation in a European Schoolnet Academy course formally recognised as a valid continuous professional development, and thereby acquire the relevant number of training hours, by sending your certificate to the Conselho Científico e Pedagógico de Formação Contínua (CCPFC) at Rua do Forno, nº 30, 1º andar - apartado 2168, 4700 - 429 Braga, Portugal. For more information, please contact the CCPFC.

Note to teachers from Castilla y León: Si eres profesor de Castilla y León, y además del certificado de la European Schoolnet Academy, quieres recibir un certificado oficial de parte de la Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León inscríbete en la página web del CFP Idiomas de Castilla y León

Course Staff

Enrique Martin - course coordinator

Enrique Martin is a Project Officer in the Science Education Department of European Schoolnet since 2015. Currently, he acts as deputy project manager of the L2C project and supports the implementation of other EUN science projects such as Amgen Teach (training providers' coordinator) and Next-Lab (Outreach & Impact WP leader).

Alexandra Licht - course coordinator

Alexandra is a pedagogical and monitoring officer in EUN since 2017, she acts as a pedagogical advisor for L2C project and supports the pedagogical, professional development and monitoring activities in eTwinning. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Sciences and worked as a language teacher, pedagogical manager and community project manager in Belgium and Italy.

Disclaimer and Copyright

Learning Leadership for Change is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme, Key action 3 – Support for policy reform – Initiatives for policy innovation (Call for proposals EACEA 41/2016).


Creative Commons License

All content on this course unless specified otherwise is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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