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TeachUP Course 2: Personalised Learning in Practice – are my students driving their own learning?


Welcome to TeachUP Course 2: Personalised Learning in Practice – are my students driving their own learning?

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As teachers we’ve faced an increasing number of complex challenges linked to social and technological developments over the last decades. These new challenges question the traditional role of teachers and students. Students’ access to an immense knowledge repository online, always at their fingertips, calls into question the role of the teacher as a source and transmitter of knowledge. The growing diversity of students’ educational or cultural backgrounds, as well as the changing nature of career paths and jobs, questions the usefulness of standardised curricula and teaching practices we have grown accustomed to.

In the TeachUP course series, we explore how you can address these challenges by adopting a series of teaching and learning approaches which reflect the changing role of teachers and students in schools. All courses are specifically targeted at both practising teachers as well as student teachers still in training. Student teachers are particularly encouraged to join, as the courses help to set out a practicable path for them to develop into reflective and effective practitioners right from the start of their career.

Enrol now on our second course of the series, Personalised Learning in Practice – are my students driving their own learning? where we examine what personalised learning is, why it is important, and how it can be implemented in our classrooms. As part of the course, you will encounter examples of practice, discuss and interact with peers, and prepare a lesson plan for use in your teaching.

Course series

This course is the second of the TeachUP course series and is linked to these three courses:

We strongly encourage you to join all four courses! However, if you prefer, you can also just join one or more selected courses and drop in and out at your convenience.


This course is meant for practising teachers from all types of schools with all levels of experience, and student teachers preparing for entry into the profession.


  1. Module 1: Personalised Learning
  2. Module 2: Personalised Learning in Practice
  3. Module 3: Personalised Learning in Your Classroom


You will receive a digital course badge and a course certificate upon completion of the full course. A special badge and certificate of completion will be awarded if you successfully complete all four of the TeachUP courses.

Note to teachers from Portugal: You can get your successful participation in a European Schoolnet Academy course formally recognised as valid continuous professional development, and thereby acquire the relevant number of training hours, by sending your certificate to the Conselho Científico e Pedagógico de Formação Contínua (CCPFC) at Rua do Forno, nº 30, 1º andar - apartado 2168, 4700 - 429 Braga, Portugal. For more information, please contact the CCPFC.

Course Staff

Alex Kirchberger - TeachUP project manager

Alexandra Licht - course designer

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