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In this section you will find the answers to some of the most frequent questions on how to use the European Schoolnet Academy platform. 

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What is a digital badge (eBadge)?

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What are eBadges and how do I get them? 


Digital badges are validated indicators that show you have acquired a certain skill, knowledge or completed a certain task. You can use the digital badges to demonstrate that you have completed the tasks and covered the topics in each module. The badges can be placed on your online profiles or you can import them into your Mozilla Backpack. The Mozilla Backpack is a place where you can collect all your digital badges from a variety of courses and training providers. You can then provide a link to this backpack to potential employers who can receive a clear overview of your accomplishments. For more information see here:

When you complete a course module, you are awarded a digital badge. There is also a course badge which you receive once you have completed all modules. 

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