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Welcome to the online community for the 3rd and final European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Education

Please help us in designing A new European Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education. Give your input to the draft policy recommendations in the next pages and give us your opinion on how important each of them are for you. Yours and others input will be the base for the final prioritizing in the workshop. In this community, we will facilitate the interaction and discussion between participants in the last of 3 workshops. Read more about the project here.

See the draft programme here. In addition to the workshop itself, you are also invited to join 3 different live online sessions where we present selected good practise on entrepreneurship education.

Download the workshop Background paper and the Pre-workshop survey results

Watch the workshop sessions recordings below

Opening and Panel discussion 'Entrepreneurship educators’ perspective'

Insights from the pre-workshop survey and policy recommendation priorities & Policy debate

Closing session


By organizing 3 peer-learning workshops including 38 European countries for public administrations and key public and private stakeholders, the European Commission aims to accelerating and deepening the introduction of entrepreneurship education in schools and universities, through better cooperation between national authorities and all relevant stakeholders.

Policy makers increasingly recognize the benefits that higher levels of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills can bring to the economy, and also to society at large. Participants in entrepreneurship education are more likely than other groups to engage in entrepreneurship. Some research shows that by the time they are 25 years old, these young people demonstrate start-up rates (15%) which are about three times as high as among the average population in Europe. Moreover, their start-ups tend to be more innovative, to have a larger turnover and to hire more people. Young people with strong entrepreneurial skills are also more employable: entrepreneurial employees within a business will help ensure that opportunities are fully realized.

The first two workshops

The first two workshop on Entrepreneurship Education, which took place in Budapest and in Tallinn in March and November 2019, gave the opportunity to participants to look at the key drivers and hindrances in advancing EE at national and European level EE. Many good practices were shared as well as examples of strategies at national level. Dedicated breakout sessions aimed to help participants find different approaches to setting and scale up national initiatives supporting entrepreneurship education. Interesting case studies were shared for Turkey (Mustafa Hilmi Çolakoğlu, Ministry of National Education) and The Nordic model (Christian Vintergaard, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship).
Are you curious to find what other countries do in this area? Have a look at the Comparative Analysis of Eight National Strategies on Entrepreneurship Education. According to this analysis, based on the experiences from the eight countries involved, the development and implementation of national strategies on entrepreneurship education, often based on a collaboration between many different actors at many different levels.